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I quit my job to be a LinkedIn Influencer


I quit my job in Engineering to pursue content creation full time! I am host of The Zack Scriven Podcast. I create video content here on LinkedIn and my on my YouTube channel around #DigitalTransformation and I document my journey along the way.. I run a startup called Zack Scriven Media that is focused on content marketing and personal branding. My goal is to serve God in all things I do.

I would love if you followed my channel or reached out to connect with me!

Thank you!
Zack Scriven


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We increased our sales pipeline by 5x by working with Zack Scriven Media
— Zack Scriven Media Client
I am a LinkedIn Influencer
— Zack Scriven
Where can I buy that Influencer hat?
— Connections & Followers
Idea. Make. Idea. Make. Idea. Make.
— Gary Vaynerchuck
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