Jay, Lee, & Lella | Zack Scriven Podcast 027

In this podcast I chat with three people from Finn's apartment, but Finn isn't one of them!  GO figure.  In this episode we all open up and share our background, experiences, and stories to learn more about one another and ultimately I think we all walked away learning something about ourselves! I think you will too! Enjoy!

Joe Crenshaw | #othersFocused | Disrupting Payments | Zack Scriven Podcast 016

Joe is an incredible dude! We had talked on the phone for a short time before setting up this podcast. So I am getting to know him during this interview! We had immediately connected on our mission to bring evangelism into our business practice and personal brand!

In this podcast we not only talk about our shared faith, but also what Joe does for a living, how he has helped other LinkedIn Creators, and a ton more!  Thank you so much for being on the Podcast Joe!

Shawn Tierney | Automation Month | Zack Scriven Podcast 012

Shawn Tierney is author of TheAutomationBlog.com and instructor for TheAutomationSchool.com. He has over 25 years of experience with Industrial Controls and specifically the Allen Bradley Family of PLC’s and Rockwell Automation products. Thank you Shawn for not only starting a business based on giving back to the automation community but for being a guest on The Zack Scriven Podcast!