Gabe Rodriguez | Zack Scriven Podcast 053

This podcast we talk about: Pittsburgh synagogue shooting School shootings (take care on these topics be educated) Political climate ( try to develop a non biased view) aka. No conspiracy theories. Where the future of our society is headed? What does the new advancements in technology mean for our society? Who or what is trailblazing the most advancements in technology?

Gunjan Yadav & Dhanaraj Ashokkumar | Open Mic Night | Zack Scriven Podcast 047

In this random episode of The Zack Scriven Podcast I opened an invite to anyone on LinkedIn who decided to join. I was able to have two very interesting conversations.

Gunjan Yadav - A LinkedIn content creator, programmer, computer science engineer who specializes in Java. She is also a member of the #SPN and #LION Networks

Dhanaraj Ashokkumar - Lead Mobile Application Developer with Avavsoft Inc. Thank you Gunjan and Dhanaraj for joining the show!