Ex-Vayner Media - Adam Posner | The Zack Scriven Podcast #063

Adam Posner got to the pinnacle of his career when he landed his dream job at Vayner Media. It all came crashing down when he was let go. He had the chance to speak to Gary Vaynerchuck who mentored him into deciding that Adams combination of passion and skills would lead him to be a great recruiter. He has since pivoted into that position and is Crushing It! We had a great conversation that I think you will enjoy!

Sean Terrell | The Zack Scriven Podcast #061

Sean Terrell is an automation engineer who is also a LinkedIn Creator! We have collaborated together in building a community of positive and supportive automation engineers on LinkedIn and we talk about what’s going on in North Dakota, how he got involved in the industry, and geek out a little bit. Hope you enjoy!

Sarah Grosz | Zack Scriven Podcast 058

Sarah Grosz is an amazing LinkedIn Creator who lives in Santa Monica, Ca and works for Tap Cart. Her and I had a discussion about her journey from the east coast and how she has used LinkedIn to live her dream life at the age of 21. I think you guys will like this episode.

Gabe Rodriguez | Zack Scriven Podcast 053

This podcast we talk about: Pittsburgh synagogue shooting https://zscriv.com/2OrRuam School shootings (take care on these topics be educated) Political climate ( try to develop a non biased view) aka. No conspiracy theories. Where the future of our society is headed? What does the new advancements in technology mean for our society? Who or what is trailblazing the most advancements in technology?