Zoë and I Camp on Cucamonga Peak | 6-3-17

Continuing our Journey to complete the 6 Pack of peaks together, Zoë and I decided to hike Cucamonga Peak when my friend and old co-worker Garrett Wolf invited us to join him. This time we would be camping on the summit.  This trip required me to purchase some extra gear.  I found an old REI Half Dome for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $45, and I bought a sleeping mat and some freeze dried meals at REI. I also had to buy some straps and compression bags in order to pack all the overnight gear onto our Osprey Poco, which only has 20L of storage.

All in our pack weighed 55 pounds with all the gear, water, and Zoë.  While I have done Cucamonga with Garrett before, at night while it was snowing, it took us wayyy longer this time with all the gear. As I recall we started around noon. It was very hot that day. We took our time and made it to the summit around 6 PM. With enough time to setup camp and cook before dark. Zoë had a pretty rough night. She slept for a while but came down with a hot fever in the middle of the night. We woke up in the morning, cooked and then made our way back down.

Overall I am glad we did it, because I don't think anything like that will ever happen again until she is older, which won't be quite like it.  Was it a little crazy? Yes.  Next time we will probably camp at a campground near the car and then hike the mountain in the morning. :)

Zack Scriven

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