Mt Wilson | Six Pack 1 of 6 | 2-10-18

This is one of the peaks in the Six Pack Challenge that we just needed to cross off. Zoë and I had attempted it last year but had to turn around because we started afternoon and it was getting dark and the bugs were INSANE!  I definitely recommend doing this trail in the winter because the bugs are nuts in the summer. The hike is a sleeper. It starts off going downhill at first and then gradually goes up. It's a long hike. Don't underestimate it because the elevation isn't that high. The hike is shaded the whole way and doesn't offer many good views. As you get towards the end it gets pretty steep before slowly leveling off at the top.

The top is anti-climatic. Something about it being inhabited and the fact that you can drive to the top makes the summit not as rewarding as others. There is a cool little museum at the top which we checked out and a place to fill up water. Also there is a little food spot but it was closed in the winter. We were really looking forward to getting some grub.  We did have some pretty good views of a bed of clouds from the parking lot before we made our way back down the other route to complete the loop. We made a wrong turn on the way down, luckily I found out not too long after but it was a good quarter mile the wrong way and a few hundred vertical feet, which we then needed to back track.

Overall I am glad this hike is done. Next time I want to go to the Wilson observatory, I'll be driving. There are other hikes in the area and other destinations like the waterfall, so the area is not completely useless. The hike has a ton of work, and very little reward. I made a video for this hike so I hope you all enjoy!




Zack Scriven

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