My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog!

This isn't my first blog post ever, as I have posted blogs for the company I ran previously.  Also I have written some articles on LinkedIn which I find similar to blogging.  This is however the first post in a new initiative of mine that has been in the work for nearly a decade, and I plan on continuing this site in perpetuity. 

I plan on working on this site in perpetuity.

I love getting in front of the camera and sharing my experiences, successes, and failures with you guys. The intent is to provide insight and value to others so they can achieve their dreams and goals to.  I've had a passion for making youtube videos when I started making Parody videos back in 2007.  I had pushed the envelope on what was considered appropriate at the time, and had deleted my first channel. Not before one video had accrued over 80,000 views which was a lot at the time. I don't regret making the video, I regret deleting it.  That's why I plan on sticking with content creation and using this site as a written guide to some of my videos and stories.

I don't regret making the video, I regret deleting it.

So if this sounds interesting to you, please get subscribed on my Youtube channel or follow me on my facebook brand page to stay up to date on my content.  I greatly appreciate all the support all of you provide and the positivity drives me to make more content and continue my journey which is my life.  Thank you guys all so much for watching and reading this. While I do have over 400 subscribers at the time of writing this, it feels like I am starting over building an audience which is okay. What that means is every view, like and comment mean that much more to me. Seriously one comment means a ton to me.

Thank you all so much for watching and reading this.

Zack Scriven

Content Creator. Forward Thinker. Proud Father.