Failed San Jacinto Summit Bid | 2-24-18

We tried hiking San Jacinto yesterday. The weather has been freezing lately. I had to buy a new pair of boots because I left my hiking boots in Utah, and Hiking Wilson in my Nike's lead to my foot hurting for a week. We were very prepared and ready to give it a shot. We left the house at 3:30 AM and got to the Marion trailhead at 5:00 AM. We started hiking for almost 2 hours and 2 miles before needing to turn around because Zoë was getting to cold. It was about 16 degrees.

It was a beautiful hike in the snow. I can't wait to do it again. I am glad that we gave it a shot, and that we turned around. The goal is not to make Zoë resent hiking, but to challenge her and myself to continually improve our athletic ability and to spend quality time together. 

I am glad we failed. Failure is okay. Failure means we are pushing ourselves to the limit and sometimes you push yourself to far. If I was afraid of failure I would have never started the six pack of peaks or hiking in the first place. If you never fail, then you simply are not going to try many things that you may be great at. It's as simple as that. Here is the video and photos. We will meet again SJ.


Zack Scriven

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