Coffee With Kyles | Zack Scriven Podcast 019

☕️with Kyle & Kyle! ☕️ #theZackScrivenPodcast #Vidcon Edition!
In this episode we talk about...

#LinkedInVideo!!! - And the amazing opportunity that lies here!
#IGTV - Instagram TV and the new platform!

Some Quotes:
🔹 "Land Grab Early, Land Grab Often"
🔹 "Taste it ALL!"
🔹 "Taste and see that it is good.... And he saw that it was Good!"

Shout Outs!! Sean Cannell! - The #LinkedInFam wants to see YOU on Coffee With Kyles!!

💜 Love you guys!!!! 💜 Really hope you enjoy listening to this FIRE episode!

What do you Love most about Coffee With Kyles?!?

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