SayviTV | Zack Scriven Podcast 022

Meet Erica!  💙 A TWITCH  🚺 Streamer!
She is super chill! We had a great conversation!
#theZackScrivenPodcast #VidCon Edition!

We talked about her journey as a full-time twitch streamer!

Her Signature hair! 💙

How streaming has helped her develop better communication and speaking skills!

I hope you all are enjoying this content! 👍 It has an "A" 📹  and "B" 🎥 Camera too :)

My goal is to inspire through the sharing of stories!!

I really dig this shorter format Podcast too!  🎤 🎧  #LinkedInFam - What do you think ❓❓❓

With 💜
Zack Scriven
#theDailyZ - A LinkedIn Original Series!!!!

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