Ronnie | Zack Scriven Podcast 026

The FINAL  🎤 Interview 🎤 from #VidCon! 💜
Meet Ronnie! A 📺 YouTube 📺 Creator! 

Action Sports meets Tech! 

He walked up and showed interest in my setup when I was finishing the Podcast With Q!

He jumped in the show and I found out exactly what he does LIVE on the Podcast!

We hit it off and start talking about Vidcon!

It was a pretty cool conversation!

💜 What is your favorite take-away from VidCon?

💜 What is it like meeting a Fan as a smaller creator?

💜 Do what you want to do: no matter how niche.

💜 Follow your passion!

💜 Don't worry about the NUMBERS & METRICS

💜 It's OKAY to be YOURSELF!

💜 It's OKAY to be DIFFERENT!

I hope you all enjoy the Podcast!

Love you guys!

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