Tony Veroeven | CSIA Marketing Manager | Zack Scriven Podcast 031

Tony serves CSIA's members in advertising, marketing, revenue growth with the CSIA Exchange and marketing advice. The Exchange ( is a one of a kind marketing platform for clients, integrators and suppliers who service the automation and controls industry.

Perfect mix of strategy and roll-up-the-sleeves tactical: Possesses developed marketing pipeline and inbound lead generation skills including email marketing campaigns, blogging, writing social media content, and marketing communications. Researched, written, and executed strategic marketing plans.

Tony and I had an amazing chat and really had fun sharing our stories! We both have an similar interest in marketing and we talk about how systems integrators can really benefit from content marketing.  Thank you Tony for being on The Zack Scriven Podcast, and thank you audience for listening!  If you guys enjoy this content please be sure to leave a review on iTunes!

Find Tony Veroeven - LinkedIn Page | Talking Industrial Automation Podcast | @tonyveroeven

My client / brand sponsor that makes this possible Intellic Integration. They are a control system integrator which is what I used to do as an engineer! We have come to form a cool partnership. You can check out there website here:


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