Luke & Shay | Margle Media | Zack Scriven Podcast 039

Luke Marlowe and Shay Rowbottom are the LinkedIn Power couple! They started making viral videos for large Facebook publishers in their downtown Milwaukee Apartment. After a while the two of them decided to scale their business which is now at 37 employees and doing over 10x the monthly revenue from a year ago. In this podcast we talk about their story and journey, what drives them as entrepreneurs and individually, what working together is like, and what they see their life like in 5 and 25 years! Overall this is an amazing episode and I really hope you enjoy it! Thank you Luke and Shay for being on the podcast!

My client / brand sponsor that makes this possible Intellic Integration. They are a control system integrator which is what I used to do as an engineer! We have come to form a cool partnership. You can check out there website here:


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