Mt Baldy via Old Baldy Trail | Six Pack 3 of 6 | 3-31-18

We had the great idea of hiking Mount Baldy via the Old Baldy Trail. This is totally not necessary for the six pack challenge, but we read that it would be good training for Mount San Gorgonio and San Jacinto. So we gave it a go and started with him midnight Alpine start. 

10,064'   |   16 miles   |   5,800' Gain

We we first staged Albert car at Manker Flats then drove down to the baldy Village to start the Old Baldy Trail by the church. Starting the trail on no sleep was not a great idea a few hours in we were really tired and took a break. Zo immediately woke up and became Restless. After about 30 minutes we continued on our way .

We we continue to hiking until 6 a.m. where we found a nice vantage point to set up some time lapses for the Sun rising. We also found a small patch of snow that we melted for some additional water and additional coffee. This was much-needed period after about 2 hours we got back on the trail. 

No most the most reasonable people are starting their hike around this time, but we had been on the trail for 7 hours already and we're only halfway in. We continued on the trail though. 

We we hiked another few hours until 9:30 or so where we stopped to melt some more snow because we had completely ran out of water. We also ate the last remaining snacks we had with still a few hours to go to the summit and the whole way down. 

 Last bit of Trail required micro spikes because there was a fair amount of snow. Progress is very slow but we finally made it to the summit around 12:30.

 We took some photos and some videos. We stayed for about maybe 30 minutes then started the long way back down the Devil's Backbone Trail. This was my first time in countering this Trail and it gets pretty sketchy at some points. The hardest part was being so exhausted from hiking literally all day and having no sleep. Also we were out in the sun for most of the day by this point and had started to burn pretty badly.

We we finally made it back down to the lodge around 3 and unfortunately we were not able to take the lift down because not only had no money, but Zoe was also too small. It sucks because the food smells so good and could not even get anything to eat. We did get a few bottles of water though. We made our ways back down to the car. 

We we finally made it to the baldy parking lot around 5 to 5:30. Albert left his bag with me and walked down to Chantry Flats to get the car. It was literally all we could do to make it back that day. But we did it. 

 Now we are looking forward to San Bernardino Peak, followed by San Jacinto, which we plan on doing the cactus to clouds route, which is even more insane than Old Baldy route. And culminating our journey with Mount San Gorgonio at 11500 ft to finish the six pack of Peaks all before Zoë hits her second birthday.

 Thank you for reading and all of the support!

Zack Scriven

Content Creator. Forward Thinker. Proud Father.